Integrated Benefit Programs

Provide Significant TAX SAVINGS at NO Out-of-Pocket Cost to Employers
Qualified Employees & their Families Gain Access to Benefits with NO REDUCTION in Take-Home Pay



Integrated benefit programs include voluntary, self-funded Limited Medical Plans. They provide preventive and continuing services for all participating employees and their spouses while creating payroll tax savings for employers and added insurance benefits for employees. By adopting an integrated benefit program, companies save $1000's, $Tens of Thousands, or more depending upon the size of the company. These plans are a companion to an employer's existing benefits package. It is not a replacement or substitution for existing health insurance or traditional wellness plans, however, options are available for additional savings by combining an integrated benefit program with a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan or a self-funded major medical plan.

A compliant integrated benefit program provides tax savings today and helps reverse declining employee health. This program reduces medical spending and allows employers to enhance benefit offerings with no out-of-pocket cost to the company or its employees. These long term impacts can allow self-insured groups to see a reduction in claims utilization and premium increases over time.


No Net Cost

The employer sponsors a 125 "cafeteria" plan. Employee elects to contribute a premium through the Section 125 plan for a voluntary, self-funded Limited Medical Plan

Tax Savings

If we had a way to save you $500 to $700 per year per employee on your payroll taxes, would you be interested?...

The employee's income subject to payroll taxes is reduced by participation in the Limited Medical Plan through a Section 125 "Cafetertia" Plan. This also reduces the matching FICA tax obligations of the employer. You save money and there is no reduction in an employee's take-home pay. In addition your employees are provided with additional insurance benefits which can include accident, critical illness, cancer, hospital indemnity, and cash value life at no out of pocket cost.

The Program is valuable to employers as they continue to struggle with balancing compliance, meaningful benefits, premium increases, and employee satisfaction with their benefits.

Employers can save money necessary to grow their business. No changes are required in other benefit or health plans, advisors, or payroll services.


Pre and Post Tax Deductions

In these plans qualified medical expenses are reimbursed. Participating employees wages / salary are reduced to fund a Limited Medical Plan offered through a Section 125 cafeteria plan. This reduction is deemed to be on a pre-tax basis and excluded from taxable income, per IRS Code Section 125 Rules.

Creating consistent healthy living habits and activities initiates a healthy lifestyle. The plan provides licensed health and lifestyle coaches in fields ranging from personal training to life coaching. These coaches combined with educational material and more provide a comprehensive integrated program that initiates and reinforces quality behavioral changes in your employees. (Benefits will vary based on plan selection) These behavioral changes create lasting increases in well-being and productivity for our corporate clients. Utilization of the services provided through the plan qualifies participants for a medical expense reimbursement.
Employee has an opportunity to participate in an integrated benefit program. The plan benefits provide a wide range of offerings for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of disease. All plan benefits are designed to allow participants to take a proactive role increasing, managing, and maintaining their personal health. There are no net or up front costs to the employer or employee.



All it takes to receive a no cost proposal, which will show you the exact amount your company can save, is to provide us with a company census.

We offer unique integrated benefit programs which use preventive care to create healthy living habits. Driven by participation in healthy living activities, directed by a health risk assessment and consultation, the plans are designed to integrate and work with your medical plans to create healthier and more productive employees. These plans are the new standard to provide benefits for your business and your employees.

If your company does not currently offer health coverage to employees, we can also show you options to integrate our programs with major medical or MEC plans and provide significant cost savings.

Discover how much your company can save and what benefits can be provided to your employees at no reduction in take-home pay.


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